Oscars Security: Lapd Will Have Over 500 Officers On Hand at Red Carpet

Traffic in Hollywood will grind to a halt on Sunday, as the Lapd works to wrap the Dolby Theatre in multiple cordons of security.More than 500 officers will be on hand, many of them working overtime, to ensure the safety of the 90th Academy Awards, along with firefighters, police helicopters and agents from the FBI.

Private security guards from Security Industry Specialists will work the inside of the theater.“We have these concentric rings of security that start in the middle and radiate outward,” says Lapd Cmdr.

Blake Chow, who is overseeing the operation.

“We have a lot of officers in fixed posts and foot beats keeping an eye on the event.”Nearly a mile of Hollywood Boulevard will be closed, from Cahuenga Boulevard to La Brea Avenue.

Highland Avenue and Orange Drive will be closed for almost a half a mile, from Franklin Avenue to Sunset Boulevard.

The Red Line

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