‘Our Flag Means Death’ Season 2 Cast & Character Guide

In the world of celebrity couple names, we know Branjelina, Bennifer, and now…Stedward, comprised of Stede Bonnett and Edward “Blackbeard” the Pirate.

While the two didn’t end up together on Season 1 of Our Flag Means Death, fans have their fingers (and toes) crossed that the two will find their way back to one another in Season 2, premiering October 5 on Max.

Season 2 has quite a few loose ends to wrap up to get back the lovable ship of pirates we knew before Ed went back to being…well, Blackbeard.

With Season 1 filmed mostly in a soundstage at Warner Bros., the show is a gorgeous example of what can be accomplished within four walls with the right set decoration, costuming, writing, and casting (among basically everything else in the show).

Created and written by David Jenkins (People of Earth), the show is also executive produced (and sometimes directed) by Blackbeard himself,…

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