‘Ozark’ Season 2 Review: Jason Bateman’s Netflix Drama Slows Way Down in a Sturdy but Bland Follow-Up — Spoiler-Free

Ozark” Season 1 made so many bold choices, so quickly, that Season 2 was bound to slow things down.

Engaging viewers with the escalating series of crises Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) and his family had to deal with immediately, the Netflix drama ate up a ton of narrative to provide its breakneck pace.

Now that the ex-suburbanites have their backwoods criminal enterprise up and sailing, instead of plugging holes in a sinking ship, a steadier, more character-driven story comes with the territory.But the degree to which “Ozark” slams on the breaks is disconcerting; the downshift in pacing creates an antsy viewing experience that transitions into blandness, as the follow-up season spends nearly seven hours setting up a moral turning point it could’ve easily implemented much sooner.

While still a sharp, attentive, and altogether capable drama, the benefits of a successful first season don’t transfer to the Byrdes in Season 2 — or viewers watching them.

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