Paddington 3 Might Not Be Happening, According To Ben Whishaw

It’s a potentially sad day for movie fans.

While comic book fans are celebrating or fighting (or likely both) about the news of the next iteration of the DC Universe being announced, fans of the single best-reviewed movie ever released are in mourning for what appears to be potentially devastating news in the world of filmmaking.That’s right, there’s a chance we may not get “Paddington 3″ after all.

Officially (and delightfully) titled “Paddington in Peru” (though it should be “Darkest Peru”), the sequel was originally announced even before its predecessor premiered.

But since then, the third “Paddington” movie has only been “in talks,” with conflicting reports about its existence.

There was the debate of whether or not Paul King would return, and then his eventual stepping down to helm “Wonka” with Timothée Chalamet.

Then, finally, in early 2022, the voice of the bear himself (Ben Whishaw) assured fans that “Paddington 3

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