‘Parasite’: Cutting the Escalating Tension of Class Divide in Bong Joon Ho’s Social Thriller

[Editor’s Note: The following article contains “Parasite” spoilers.]Director Bong Joon Ho looked to Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” for minor inspiration in making his breakthrough Oscar contender and genre-bending class thriller, “Parasite.” This isn’t surprising considering his meticulous rhythm and pacing throughout the voyeuristic masterpiece.

“Parasite” stands out for its suspenseful, escalating tension, as the down-on-its-luck Kim family insinuates its way into the wealthy home of the Parks, only to discover they are not alone in trying to scam them for financial security, resulting in a murderous rampage at the end.But while the rhythm builds from a drizzle to a typhoon, the director still wanted the first half to move quickly.

“That was something we were always conscious of,” said editor Jinmo Yang, who received an Ace Eddie nomination this week, increasing his chances for an editing Oscar nomination as well.

Meanwhile, the rhythm becomes even more compressed in the second half, with the

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