Paris Images Online Attracts Top French Film, TV & Tech Players

Paris Images Online, an industry showcase promoting locations in the French capital, has lured some of France’s top dogs, including Federation Entertainment’s Pascal Breton, “Sing 2” producer Jacques Bled, and “Notre Dame on Fire” filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud.

The conference is taking place on Jan.

24 as part of the Paris Images conference, which kicks off Thursday and runs through Jan.

29.Co-organized by France’s National Film Board (Cnc), the event comprises several round tables and case studies bringing together professionals and talents who worked on high-profile films and TV shows, which recently shot or did their post-production in Paris, from Ridley Scott’s “The Last Duel,” to Tom McCarthy’s “Stillwater,” season 2 of “Emily in Paris” and the upcoming “Marie-Antoinette” series.The event kicks off with a case study on “The Last Duel” with Béatrice Bauwens, VFX and post director at Mpc Film & Episodic, John Bernard, producer and CEO at Peninsula Film,

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