Patsy Kensit: ‘You don’t have to marry all your boyfriends’

The actor, 53, talks about her charming dad, never reading her reviews in the papers, staying strong and eating nothing but shepherd’s pieWe grew up without money: two rooms and an outside loo.

I remember shyly cowering behind the coal shed as Mum tried to photograph me, but by the age of four I was playing Mia Farrow’s daughter in The Great Gatsby.

I loved the fantasy of acting, the contrast of the worlds in which I lived.

It’s not that one was better, but going from life with not very much to this extravagant, surreal set opened my eyes to possibilities.Dad was charming and a genius with numbers – he was also deep in the organised crime world.

In the 60s, he worked with both the Kray twins (Reggie was my brother’s Godfather) and their arch enemies, the Richardsons.

He went to prison quite a

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