Pet Sematary: Bloodlines review – pointless horror prequel

Stephen King’s small-town horror gets a competently made yet thoroughly unnecessary new chapter, an easily skippable Halloween time-wasterThe stratification of streaming content, divided up by individual studio, forced the manic plundering of back catalogues, turning any old property into a new way to lure in subscribers.

It was a mostly cursed tactic, leaving us with unwanted answers to questions no one was bothering to ask: what if Gremlins but animated, what if Grease’s pink ladies but prequel, what if Fatal Attraction but Joshua Jackson and what if Sex and the City but terrible?Unsurprisingly, most of these have failed and as we head toward a contraction of the industry after a record bloat, it seems unlikely that quite as many similar experiments will take place.

It leaves a film such as Pet Sematary: Bloodlines feeling even more like a dusty old thing of the past, not…

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