Piotr Domalewski to Direct Afghan War Film ‘Betrayed,’ Producer of Oscar Nominated ‘Corpus Christi,’ Leszek Bodzak, on Board (Exclusive)

Polish director Piotr Domalewski, whose film “I Never Cry” screens this week in El Gouna Film Festival’s Out of Competition section, is facing a growing controversy surrounding his next project.

It centers on the Nangar Khel incident, when Polish soldiers fired mortar shells into a wedding party in an Afghan village in 2007, killing six civilians.

It became known as “the event that changed the Polish army.” “Some monstrous online discussion has already started,” Domalewski says.The film is an adaptation of the book “Betrayed” by journalist Edyta Żemła, which investigated where the blame lay for the incident, and itself had an explosive effect, mostly because of Żemła’s claim that “in Nangar Khel, it wasn’t the soldiers who tarnished the honor of the Polish army, but the politicians.” Żemła will act as a consultant on the film, which has the working title “Nangar Khel – Zdradzeni” (“Nangar Khel – Betrayed

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