‘Plane’ Flies to VOD as Netflix Dominates with Eddie Murphy, Pamela Anderson, and Minions

The VOD charts saw an infusion of new blood with Lionsgate’s “Plane” (19.99) surging ahead in its first week.

It ranks #1 at iTunes, #2 on Vudu’s weekly chart (disadvantaged by its Friday release), and #4 at Google Play, which always lags a few days behind.That puts it ahead of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” (Disney), “Babylon” (Paramount), and “House Party” (Warner Bros.

Discovery), all at 19.99.

“Wakanda” also streams on Disney+.“Plane” and “House Party” both came out after their third weekends in theaters.

That was expected for “House Party,” the first of several films initially destined for HBO Max but instead debut with less-elevated theatrical play before going to the streaming site.For “Plane,” it’s an unusual move.

The Gerald Butler-produced action film did well in theaters over the three weekends before it added home viewing, but initial response suggests value in moving quickly.“M3GAN” (Universal/19.99) continues its strong

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