Pricey ‘Mulan’ Still Near Top of Streaming Charts, Along with ‘Ava’ and ‘Trump Card’

The range of pricing in VOD play has never been so clear.

Two films at the extreme ranges of budget and premium stand out among new releases.

At $3.99, which represents rock-bottom for a new film, Dinesh D’Souza’s latest right-wing polemic “Trump Card” is #1 at both Apple TV and Google Play, charts that rank by transaction volume.At the same time, Disney’s “Mulan” is now available on platforms beyond Disney+ for $29.99, and is #1 at the revenue-based FandangoNow.

Ava” also continues its successful showings, with first place at Spectrum.“Trump Card” is pitched as an expose of “socialism, corruption, and the deep state,” and clearly aimed at Election Day interest.

In his past films (which received theatrical release), D’Souza preferred to specifically demonize Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

This time, the target is far broader than the tougher-to-hate Joe Biden.

It placed #2 at FandangoNow, where its low price hurts its ranking.

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