Queen Charlotte: Everything We Know So Far

Bridgerton blew us away when it premiered on Netflix on Christmas Day of 2020.

Season 1 of the Regency-era period drama shattered streaming records and its fairytale ending for the Duke and Duchess of Hastings left us burning for more after the curtains came down in the season finale.

The promise of a second season was followed by an agonizingly long wait that thankfully was made easier to bear when word got out that the Bridgerton universe was expanding with a prequel spin-off centered on her majesty Queen Charlotte.

At the center of the Bridgerton series is the namesake family and the exploration of their love lives, one sibling at a time, however, Queen Charlotte’s larger-than-life persona quickly made her a fan favorite directing the creative hands at Shondaland to prepare a time-traveling carriage that will take us on a trip down memory lane to explore the origins of a character

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