Quincy review – portrait of a musical legend fails to sing

Rashida Jones’s sanitised bio-documentary about her father, the musician and producer Quincy Jones, fails to exploit her access to her subjectHas any person made as indelible an imprint on African American culture as Quincy Jones? This new bio-documentary makes a compelling case for the point, though that’s the only compelling aspect of this paint-by-numbers film.Directors Alan Hicks and Rashida Jones (one of the seven children Jones fathered across five celebrated loves) require two hours merely to account for his eclectic accomplishments.

Now 85, Quincy Jones produced career-high records for greats such as Ray Charles and Michael Jackson, and recorded plenty of his own.

In Hollywood, he composed the Oscar-nominated scores for In Cold Blood and The Wiz, and on TV, the immortal themes for Roots and Sanford and Son.

He shepherded Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of The Color Purple and Will Smith’s launchpad The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through production.

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