Reinaldo Marcus Green: ‘I was asking myself: if I do nothing, am I a monster?’

The New York writer-director on his 2018 Sundance hit, being taught by Spike Lee – and working in London on Top BoyWriter-director Reinaldo Marcus Green, 36, grew up on Staten Island.

He took a master’s degree in education, then worked on Wall Street before studying film at NYU.

His debut feature, Monsters and Men, which last year won a special jury prize at Sundance, is about the repercussions of the shooting by police of an unarmed black man in Brooklyn.

It’s in cinemas and streaming from Friday.

Green is currently directing episodes of season 3 of the London-set Netflix series Top Boy.Monsters and Men is not so much about a shooting as about three different characters’ responses to it.I had the title before I had the film.

It was a question I was asking myself: if I do nothing, am I a monster, am I complicit in not being actively involved?

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