Richard Dreyfuss Traces The Start Of His Career Back To British Acting Legend

According to his 2000 appearance on “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” Richard Dreyfuss began acting as a teen at his synagogue in Beverly Hills before landing his first professional job in a TV production of the Norman Weiner play “In Mama’s House.” He was 15.

There was, it seemed, no doubt in Dreyfuss’ mind that we was going to be a successful actor.

Dreyfuss came to national attention in 1973, playing the role of Curt in George Lucas’ nostalgia piece “American Graffiti.” Shortly thereafter, he appeared in the amazing and underrated “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz,” one of the more notable films of 1970s Canadian cinema.

Dreyfuss has since gone on to a massive, impressive, and prolific career, having won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and even a Razzie (wholly undeserved for the very good film “The Competition”).

Now 74, and sharp as ever, Dreyfuss is a legitimate legend. Somewhere in-between “In Mama’s House” and “American Graffiti,

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