Robert Downey Jr. Auditioned To Play Doctor Doom In 2005’s Fantastic Four

Before he was Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr.

was in the running to play a different armor-wearing genius from the Marvel universe.For the 15th anniversary of 2008’s “Iron Man,” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and director John Favreau sat down for a conversation.

When discussing Rdj — who the success of “Iron Man” rests on more than anyone else — Favreau mentioned that Feige and Marvel were already familiar with him when he was cast.

Why? The actor auditioned to play Doctor Doom in the 2005 “Fantastic Four” film.

(Feige is credited as an executive producer on the film.) It’s unclear how far along Rdj got, but the part ultimately went to Julian McMahon.Watching McMahon’s performance, it makes sense why Rdj was in the running.

Doom in the “Fantastic Four” film duology doesn’t have much in common with the comics’ Doctor Doom.

Instead of a sorcerer-dictator, he’s a tech CEO, more…

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