Robert Eggers Envies Medieval Craftsmen, Says It’s Hard to Be Creative in ‘Modern Secular Society’

In his first three films, Robert Eggers has consistently looked to the past to explore the darkest corners of the human experience, often focusing on the idea of obsession.

So it’s hardly surprising that the director would have some interesting thoughts about how life as an artist has evolved over time.In a new interview with Slash Film to promote the VOD release of “The Northman,” Eggers waxed poetic about the role of artists in the modern entertainment industry, and lamented that his own ego often gets in the way of his creative process.“This sounds super uber-precious, but I think it’s hard to do this kind of creative work in a modern secular society because it becomes all about your ego and yourself,” Eggers said.

“And I am envious — this is the horrible part — I’m envious of medieval craftsmen who are doing the work for God.

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