‘Rocky’ Puts Another Iconic Villain in the Spotlight with ‘Creed’ Spin-Off ‘Drago’

Creed-II-2018-movie-posters/”>Creed III” has just been pushed to 2023, but MGM clearly has confidence in the sequel’s success.

The company is continuing to aggressively expand the franchise by developing a new spin-off film, “Drago,” from screenwriter Robert Lawton (via The Wrap).While plot details are scarce, the name “Drago” is instantly recognizable to fans of the Rocky franchise.

Ivan Drago, the Russian boxer played by Dolph Lundgren in “Rocky IV,” is one of Rocky Balboa’s most iconic foes.

In “Creed II,” Lundgren returned as Ivan Drago and Florian Munteanu was introduced as Viktor Drago, his son who squared off against Michael B.

Jordan’s Adonis Creed.While it is not confirmed if Lundgren and Munteanu are returning for the film, the premise appears to follow the “Creed” formula by telling the story of the son of a famous Rocky Villain.The news is the latest indicator that the “Rocky” franchise

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