Roger Deakins Opens Up About the Personal Photography in His First Book, ‘Byways’

With a career that spans four decades, includes 15 Oscar nominations, two wins, and credits on modern classics like “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Blade Runner 2049,” cinematographer Roger Deakins’ work is some of the most recognizable in the business.

But there’s a side of Deakins’ creative output that’s been less visible over his many years in Hollywood: his personal photography.Some of Deakins’ photos are now being printed for the very first time in “Byways,” a book due out next week from Damaini.

Deakins has rarely shown his photographs publicly and this marks the first time they’ve been published as a collection.

Deakins likens his photography to a sketchbook, something “very personal.” Still, his command of light and eye for composition is as evident in his snapshots as it is in his cinematography.Starting as a hobby in his youth, Deakins soon dreamed of turning his photography into a career.

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