Russell Crowe Says He Should Be ‘F—ing Paid’ for the Amount of Questions He Is Asked About ‘Gladiator 2’: ‘I Am Not Even in It!’

Stop asking Russell Crowe about “Gladiator 2.”“They should be fucking paying me for the amount of questions I am asked about a film I am not even in,” he told journalists at Karlovy Vary Film Festival.“It has nothing to do with me.

In that world, I am dead.

Six feet under.

But I do admit to a certain tinge of jealousy, because it reminds me of when I was younger and what it meant for me, in my life.”“I don’t know anything about the cast, I don’t know anything about the plot.

I am dead! But I know that if Ridley has decided to do a second part of the story, over 20 years later, he must have had very strong reasons.

I can’t think of this movie being anything other than spectacular.”Crowe has been a colorful presence at the Czech fest, accepting an award…

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