Sam Raimi Should Should Stick to Horror Movies

Sometimes, when you’ve ridden the highest of highs for long enough, it’s best to just hang things up and take it back to basics.

That’s the case with Sam Raimi, one of the most beloved filmmakers of the last 40 years.

The man has taken the helm at some of the biggest projects that Hollywood has to offer with his Spider-Man trilogy, Oz the Great and Powerful, and recent Doctor Strange sequel, yet if you look at his entire filmography, his lower budget films tend to have a higher hit record.

Not necessarily in a box office sense, but in a quality sense.

Raimi’s strengths have always shined greater when he was given less, requiring him to get more creative with the means that he is given rather than leaning on behemoth budgets from studios.

Despite corporate hands meddling with Spider-Man 3, Oz, and Multiverse of Madness, Raimi has continued

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