‘Save Me’ Review: Child Abduction Drama’s Season 2 Is a Patient, Brilliantly Told Mystery

17 months go by in between the first two seasons of “Save Me.” When the camera ducks inside The Palm Tree, the local pub frequented by so many in the series’ ensemble, most of the patrons are living their lives much the same way as they did before the events of the show’s first season.

“Save Me,” which aired its opening episodes stateside on Starz before landing at its current home on Peacock, began with the disappearance of Jody, the 13-year-old daughter of Nelly (Lennie James) and Claire (Suranne Jones).At the opening of Season 2 (stylized in the opening credits as “Save Me Too”), Jody is still missing.

Nelly, much like Claire and her husband Barry, have settled into a state of perpetual anxiety, even if they’re able to mask that sadness to their respective partners.Even with the potential arrival of a new baby among the Palm Tree faithful,

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