‘Seven Seconds’: Clare-Hope Ashitey on a Potential Season 2 and Getting Inspiration From Paul Newman

The 2018 version of Paul Newman in “The Verdict” may be Clare-Hope Ashitey in the new Netlfix drama “Seven Seconds.” At the very least, it was an inspiration for director Gavin O’Connor (“Warrior”), who told the show’s star to watch the 1982 film in preparation for her role as Kj Harper.

“It was interesting to look at a film that was about a flawed person and how they dealt with a situation,” she told IndieWire during a recent press event.In the dense Netflix crime drama created by “The Killing’s” Veena Sud, the character of Kj definitely has no shortage of flaws as a prosecutor whose determination to get justice for a black teenager is held back by her struggles with alcoholism as well as the chaos that is the American legal system.

It’s a complicated character that demands a complicated depiction: “If you are watching a fairy tale,

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