‘Seven Seconds’ Review: Regina King Rules an Overwritten Netflix Drama That Painfully Examines Pain and Suffering

Seven Seconds” is a series so intent on creating drama, it often forgets the point behind such weighty scenes of loss, grief, and anguish.

Whether it’s overly focused on a squad of cops who are objectively bad men, or a little too keen to watch a brokenhearted mother weep, Veena Sud’s unwieldy Netflix original series is carried along by a sturdy “Law & Order” structure and another superb turn from Regina King.Meet Kj Harper (Clare-Hope Ashitey), a young assistant prosecutor who’s given a case the cops describe to her as a “slam-dunk.” That’s good, because Harper is in no shape to handle anything challenging.

A semi-functioning alcoholic with a knack for falling asleep during her karaoke number, Kj is your classic self-hating narcissist.

She will drink or sleep with anything that serves as a distraction from her painful existence, even though whatever she’s suffering

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