‘Sharp Objects’: How Gillian Flynn’s Novel Kept HBO’s Drama From Becoming Another ‘Generic Dead Girl Story’

“You just looooove dead girls,” Amma (Eliza Scanlen) croons drunkenly at her older sister Camille (Amy Adams) in “Fix,” Episode 3 of HBO’s “Sharp Objects.” “Couldn’t stay away.”It’s a statement that pokes at the heart of the genre in which “Sharp Objects” can’t help but invoke.

Change the director, change the tone, change the approach as much as you like, but so many great TV shows can’t help but invoke this one classic trope: the premature death of a girl.The tragically dead girl in fiction, especially crime fiction, is hard to avoid.

“It’s very prominent in all of TV and film,” Scanlen told IndieWire in a recent interview.

She might be a teenage innocent who drifted along a path to darkness (“Twin Peaks”).

She might have just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (“The Killing”).

She might be

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