‘Shrinking’ Star Jessica Williams on Joining Jake Gyllenhaal in the ‘Road House’ Remake: ‘He’s an Insane Actor’

Amazon’s “Road House,” a reimagined take on the classic movie which starred Patrick Swayze, is still undated, but “Shrinking” star Jessica Williams is excited about it.

Not only does it stars Jake Gyllenhaal, but she has an unnamed role in the movie, which she already shot.Greenlit in August 2022, “Road House” tells the story of an ex-UFC middleweight fighter who ends up working at a rowdy bar in the Florida Keys where things are not as they seem.During an interview for Variety Awards Circuit Podcast to discuss her role in Apple TV’s “Shrinking,” the actor talks about working with Oscar nominee Gyllenhaal (“Brokeback Mountain”).

“It was so cool working with him,” she says.

“He’s an amazing actor.

I was so excited to do ‘Road House’ with Jake Gyllenhaal.

He’s an insane actor.

Every time, you’re learning.

My job as an actor, especially on ‘Shrinking,…

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