So It’s Come To This: CBS To Air Australian NCIS Spin-Off In Lieu Of Actual New Or Returning Shows

You know the phrase, “It gets darkest just before the dawn?” There admittedly may not be any tangible sense that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are nearing an end anytime soon, but we’re starting to feel the very real consequences of the studios refusing to negotiate in good faith with the unions. With the vast majority of productions ground to a halt, studios and streamers have put themselves in the position of having to rely on a backlog of movies and shows to help them weather the storm.

While some networks have the luxury of churning out an endless wave of, say, “The Walking Dead” spin-offs, others are somewhat less fortunate.

All of this is to say that I hope y’all haven’t had enough of “NCIS” just yet, because that’s what CBS has had to resort to.Deadline reports that retirees will have another new, formulaic spin-off crime…

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