Sofia Coppola Reveals Rashida Jones’ Unique Connection to ‘Lost in Translation’

Scarlett Johansson’s adrift philosophy grad Charlotte in “Lost in Translation” is largely believed to be based on writer/director Sofia Coppola’s own state of mind during her marriage to Spike Jonze.

But, it turns out, Coppola also found inspiration for the character from actress Rashida Jones.

As revealed to Entertainment Weekly, Jones was part of an early workshop read of the screenplay for “Lost in Translation,” which went on to win Coppola the Best Original Screenplay Oscar.

The exchange also cemented a creative relationship now realized in Coppola’s upcoming dramedy “On the Rocks,” starring Jones opposite “Lost in Translation” lead Bill Murray, and opening (though no formal date has been set) this October from A24 and Apple TV+.“When I was working on ‘Lost in Translation,’ I was workshopping the script at an acting class, and she played the role that Scarlett Johansson ended up playing,” Coppola said,

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