‘Southland Tales’ at 15: An Oral History of the Cannes Cut Nobody Saw Coming

Countless directors have contended with the curse of the sophomore slump, but the saga of “Southland Tales” exists in a category of its own.

Five years after his cult hit “Donnie Darko” established the filmmaker’s unique, surrealistic sci-fi voice, the filmmaker’s large-scale follow-up broke all the rules.

Maligned at Cannes in 2006 when it premiered in an unfinished version, “Southland Tales” went back to the editing room, lost 20 minutes, and stumbled into theaters later in the year.

Now, a new Blu-ray release from Arrow Video has brought the 160-minute Cannes cut to the public for the first time, and with it, an opportunity to fully assess one of the strangest American movies of this young century.An audacious near-future pop fever dream under the guise of blockbuster aesthetics, “Southland Tales” starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a movie star who keeps forgetting his past, Sarah Michelle Gellar as a

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