‘Squid Game’ Begins its Reign of Nielsen’s Streaming Viewership Rankings

Netflix has touted the massive success of its “Squid Game” drama for several weeks, and now there are third-party numbers to back up the success of the fall TV hit nobody saw coming.Nielsen’s latest report on the most viewed streaming TV shows of the week, which was based on data from September 20 to September 26, stated that “Squid Game” was viewed for 1.91 billion minutes, making it the most-viewed show of the week by a considerable margin.

Netflix’s “Lucifer,” a consistently popular fantasy series that regularly tops Nielsen’s reports, ranked second, with 860 million minutes viewed.“Squid Game” has been the subject of spirited social media discussions for weeks and was widely expected to top Nielsen’s streaming rankings.

The Hwang Dong-hyuk-directed drama series centers on deeply indebted individuals who choose to participate in a deadly game show for the chance to win millions of dollars.

“Squid Game

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