Stranger Things Once Had A Farting Issue On Set That Led To An Evacuation

There’s nothing funnier to a preteen boy than farts.

Hell, there’s nothing funnier to most grown-up dudes than farts.

Farting is just funny to us.

We’re hardwired to find passing gas the height of comedy and, judging by me, my circle of friends, and growing up around gassy grandfathers, that’s a trait that spans generations, probably going back to the caveman days.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are cave drawings of woolly mammoths blasting ass that cracked up that whole tribe on a daily basis.So, it shouldn’t be shocking to you that when they were filming the first season of “Stranger Things,” which had a cast composed of mostly young boys, that there was something of a farting issue on the set.

And one time, early on in the filming process, that problem escalated to a near emergency.I’ve been lucky enough to have visited many movie and…

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