Stream of the Day: John Boyega Made a Black Lives Matter Plea Six Years Ago with ‘Imperial Dreams’

With readers turning to their home viewing options more than ever, this daily feature provides one new movie each day worth checking out on a major streaming platform.It’s impossible to watch John Boyega’s impassioned speech at a Black Lives Matter rally in London last week, in support of widespread protests over the killing of George Floyd, and not be moved.

“Black lives have always mattered,” Boyega said.

“We have always been important.

We have always meant something.

We have always succeeded regardless.

And now is the time.”Six years prior, before “Star Wars” made him a global star, Boyega made a similar plea with “Imperial Dreams,” a nuanced portrait of poor black people in the America, and a critique of a system that stifles the chances of young black men with troubled pasts.In “Imperial Dreams,” a 21-year-old reformed gangster and aspiring writer named Bambi (Boyega) is

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