Succession’s Sarah Snook Thinks This Happened To Tom & Shiv After The Finale

I’ve never been a fan of asking “what happens next” at the end of a movie or television show.

If the director and the writers have done their job, the story worth telling is over.

Everything I need to know about these characters and ponder about the narrative’s themes has been relayed.

All that’s left to do is interpret what’s been presented.

That should be more than enough to chew on.Alas, we live in an era of fan fiction where people would rather speculate than wrestle with what is hopefully a rich, challenging text.

This is nothing new.

For over 50 years, people have been wondering what happens to Benjamin and Elaine after they ride off in the bus at the end of “The Graduate.” I’ve always liked screenwriter Buck Henry’s answer.

And when we do get sequels to great movies and series, the answers aren’t always comforting or…

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