‘Suits’ Is Netflix’s Hottest Show — What Should That Mean for TV Moving Forward?

When Suits, the USA legal procedural starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J.

Adams, made its way to Netflix this past June, no one thought twice about it.

The streaming giant had added plenty of similar shows over the years, and Suits didn’t feel any different.

However, whether it be something in the zeitgeist or peak summer boredom, the response to the fast-paced show has been far greater than expected.

In the week of June 26 – July 2, the show toppled Netflix’s previous viewing time record for an acquired series.

Where Manifest, the Netflix hit whose series finale aired earlier this year, previously held the record with 2.49 billion minutes, Suits clocked in with a full 3.14 billion minutes of watch time in a single week.

It’s a significant jump, one which must have sent executives scrambling (in the same way reporters have been) to try to understand the cause of the show’s sudden…

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