‘Superintelligence’ Film Review: So-So Melissa McCarthy Film Suited for Streaming

More than two years after filming wrapped, “Superintelligence” the latest joint effort of Melissa McCarthy and her director husband Ben Falcone, has finally popped up on a streaming platform — specifically, HBO Max — which arguably is the natural habitat for a lightweight, undemandingly engaging comedy that can be enjoyed either entirely in one sitting, or sporadically in bite-sized chunks.

The screenplay by Steve Mallory, another frequent McCarthy collaborator, is a sometimes clever, sometimes contrived mix of romantic comedy and sci-fi elements, with a premise that suggests an updated remake of some innocuous ’70s-era Walt Disney comedy starring Dean Jones or Kurt Russell.

But some of the funny business is very funny indeed, and the movie overall is more enjoyable than not.

Which, again, makes it perfect for streaming.McCarthy plays Carol Peters, a sweet-natured but self-deprecating Seattle resident who walked away from her high-paying gig as a Yahoo exec to do

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