Supernova review – a touching long goodbye from Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci

Firth and Tucci trade barbs as a couple on a nostalgic last-chance road trip in this enjoyably bittersweet dementia dramaWhile all awards-season eyes were on Anthony Hopkins’s showy turn in the psychological melodrama The Father, Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci received scant attention for their more underplayed roles in this similarly dementia-themed drama.

It’s easy to see why Supernova got overlooked; for all its awards-friendly subject matter, this is more of a bittersweet breakup movie than a hot-topic picture.

It’s a love story that lifts its entertaining riffs from romcoms and odd-couple, end-of-the-road movies to melancholic effect.

While the result may occasionally get bogged down by dramatic contrivance, it’s generally buoyed up by a pair of likably bickering performances from the two leads.Long-time partners Sam (Firth) and Tusker (Tucci) are “back on the road again”, steering their ageing but functional camper van across the country,

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