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‘6 Balloons’ Review: Dave Franco and Abbi Jacobson Get Serious in a Netflix Heroin Drama that Never Pops

There’s something vaguely sinister about those talking Gps navigators that now seem to come standard with every new car. Maybe it’s the robotic voice, which could never speak to the frustration of running late or sitting in traffic. More likely, it’s the illusion of control — the false sense that everything is going to be […]

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SXSW Film Review: ‘6 Balloons’

By turns intensely naturalistic and brutally stylized, “6 Balloons” mercilessly turns screws and escalates dread while spinning a worst-case scenario about the fraying family ties between a heroin addict, who’s chronically incapable of curbing his self-destructive appetite, and his sister, who’s buckling under the weight of the latest in a long series of his impossible […]

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‘6 Balloons’ Trailer: Abbi Jacobson Tries To Save Her Heroin Addicted Brother Dave Franco

Abbi Jacobson and Dave Franco are two actors known, primarily, for their comedic roles. Jacobson is one half of the duo responsible for “Broad City,” and Franco has been seen in numerous comedies, where his charm and Franco-smile endear him to audiences. But in the new trailer for the Netflix film, “6 Balloons,” we get […]

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