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What New Zealand’s Covid-19 Curveball Means For Its Booming Hollywood Productions

As the magical creatures of Middle Earth prepare to resume venturing through Auckland, New Zealand, for Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” prequel series, the mythical world of Pandora has been bursting into life for James Cameron’s “Avatar” sequels in Wellington, just one hour’s flight south. Meanwhile, on the South Island, stars like Viggo Mortensen are […]

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The Popcorn Conundrum: When Movie Theaters Reopen, Will They Ban Concessions? (Column)

Ever since the ’50s, when the motion-picture industry felt existentially threatened by the rise of television (much as forces within it today feel existentially threatened by the rise of streaming), the movies have found ways to entice people into theaters with added benefits. 3D was the original P.T. Barnum attraction, and the return of 3D […]

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‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Sequel Delayed to December 2021

The sequel to “Spider-Man: Far From Home” has been delayed one month, pushing it to Dec. 17, 2021.The Spidey film was originally scheduled for Nov. 5, 2021, but Sony announced the move on Thursday night after a shakeup of Disney’s film slate was also announced. The “Far From Home” sequel will take the spot originally […]

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ScreenDaily Talks: European distributors call for reduced reliance on US blockbusters

Independent distribution experts also reveal future festival plans.The dangers of relying on US studio fare to support the international cinema business has been brought into sharp focus by the virus crisis, according to independent European distributors.During the latest ScreenDaily Talk, distribution experts from the UK, France, Spain and Italy highlighted how delayed studio blockbusters including […]

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Drip, Drip, Drip — ‘Mulan’ and Other Signs of the Increasingly Fragile Theatrical Future

Like “Tenet” before it, “Mulan” has joined the land of the undated blockbuster. So has Wes Anderson’s would-be Oscar title, “The French Dispatch, and the long-delayed “Woman In the Window,” while all of the upcoming installments of “Star Wars” and “Avatar” will see their releases delayed by a year.Disney dropped its long list of changes […]

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Disney Removes ‘Mulan’ From Slate, Pushes ‘Avatar’ and ‘Star Wars’ Films Back One Year

As Covid-19 infections continue to surge in U.S. states, Disney announced on Thursday that it is indefinitely postponing the release of Niki Caro’s remake of “Mulan,” effectively ending hopes of salvaging the summer blockbuster season.“Over the last few months, it’s become clear that nothing can be set in stone when it comes to how we […]

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Disney Postpones ‘Mulan’ and ‘French Dispatch’ Indefinitely, Moves All ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Avatar’ Films Back One Year

The release calendar is suddenly very different. No doubt kicked into action by the recent removal by Warner Bros. of Christopher Nolan’s much-hyped “Tenet” from the current schedule, Disney has now announced a slew of changes to its own calendar, including its own removal of dates for heavy-hitters like Niki Caro’s “Mulan” and Wes Anderson’s […]

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‘The Lord of the Rings’ Television Series and ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Allowed to Begin Production in New Zealand

The crew members of Amazon Prime Video’s television adaptation “The Lord of the Rings” and Netflix’s upcoming take on Japanese animated series “Cowboy Bepop,” have both been granted permission to enter New Zealand to begin or resume production, along with five other projects.According to New Zealand media website Stuff, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and […]

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‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Join Productions Granted New Zealand Border Exemptions

In the coming months five more foreign television and film productions will be allowed into New Zealand to film, as they have been officially granted border exemptions.James Cameron’s “Avatar” sequels and Jane Campion’s Netflix film “The Power of the Dog” have already been allowed into the country to film due to these exemptions. Joining them […]

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