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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Goes Streaming & Sean Durkin Talks ‘The Nest’ [The Playlist Podcast]

Welcome one, welcome all to this weeks’ fun-filled edition of The Playlist Podcast. This week, Charles, Mike, and Brian discuss the death of movie theaters (again), as well as two quality films, “Sound of Metal” and “The Nest,” while also being joined by director Sean Durkin.Listen: ‘Freaky,’ ‘Fatman’ & David Fincher: The Good, The Bad […]

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New Movies to Watch This Week: ‘Freaky,’ ‘Fatman’ and ‘Wolfwalkers’

With coronavirus cases surging around the country, Friday the 13th might not be the time to test your luck in theaters — though that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from serving up an unusually enticing slate of fresh releases exclusively in cinemas. From body-swap slasher movie “Freaky” to Mel Gibson’s nutzo Santa satire “Fatman,” the week’s new […]

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‘Freaky,’ ‘Fatman’ & David Fincher: The Good, The Bad & The Masterful [The Playlist Podcast]

Happy Friday the 13th! Do people celebrate Friday the 13th? Or is it just the date that Jason Voorhees ventures to Camp Crystal Lake to murder debaucherous youth? Either way, it’s a significant date in terms of this week’s new releases featured on the latest episode of The Playlist Podcast.Listen: Director Max Winkler Talks ‘Jungleland,’ […]

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‘Fatman’ Review: Mel Gibson Plays Santa Claus in a Movie that Will Feel like a Christmas Gift to the Gibson Faithful and a Stunt to Anyone Else

In the years since Mel Gibson fell from the grace of his celebrity, we’ve been through the Mel Gibson-is-canceled stage (which happened but didn’t take), the Mel Gibson-gets-a-cameo-as-found-object-of-infamy stage, the Mel Gibson-crawls-back-to-nail-a-nutzoid-lead-role stage (remember “The Beaver”?), the Mel Gibson-has-become-the-hero-of-z-thrillers-that-exploit-his-disreputability stage, the Mel Gibson-has-a-real-deal-comeback-with-“Hacksaw Ridge” stage, the Hollywood-still-won’t-accept-him-as-an-actor stage, and (at last) the Mel Gibson-barely-even-has-to-be-an-actor-because-he’s-now-a-meme stage.How […]

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