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The Best Female-Led Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix

Hungry for some horror? Netflix has a library of endless frights, courtesy of body horror flicks, psychological thrillers, haunted house tales, and more. Since its inception, horror has always been a genre where women have thrived in their fight to survive monsters, men, and supernatural entities that seek to destroy them. With the popularization of […]

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Greg Nicotero Used Season 9 Of The Walking Dead As His Tribute To The Evil Dead

Greg Nicotero’s work on “The Walking Dead” as a director and special effects make-up supervisor has been nothing short of spectacular. The renowned multi-hyphenate has a long, meaningful history with the horror genre, from his contributions to several horror cult classics to his friendship with former colleague and special effects make-up veteran Tom Savini. Since […]

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How Alan Arkin Sheltered Abigail Breslin From Little Miss Sunshine’s Adult Language

It’s sometimes hard to comprehend whether child actors in R-rated films can be shielded from the adult themes in the films that surround them. At 12 years old, Chloë Grace Moretz was instructed in “Kick-Ass” to repeat nearly every curse word that exists, and a few years later, Jacob Tremblay appeared in one of horror’s […]

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The Next Step in the ‘Halloween’ Franchise Should Be a TV Series

The past several decades have been ruled by a few franchises in the horror genre. There have been countless films with increasingly silly and convoluted sequels about film character legends such as Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Norman Bates, and Chucky. Even Evil Dead and The Exorcist are coming back to cinemas soon. Myers […]

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The Book That Started John Carpenter’s Love Of Horror

Throughout the course of his career, John Carpenter has directed horror movies that have redefined the genre in several ways. His 1978 horror classic, “Halloween” is nothing less than a full-blown pop culture phenomenon, and his lesser-known films, such as “Prince of Darkness,” is still being discovered by horror-heads. Carpenter’s legacy obviously extends beyond his […]

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