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Box Office (Taylor’s Version): ‘The Eras Tour’ Puts Taylor Swift at No. 1 With Second-Biggest October Opening Day Ever

“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” is doing all too well in theaters. The concert film made a cool sum of $39 million on its opening day from 3,855 North American locations, a figure that includes $2.8 million in Thursday previews. That ranks as the second-biggest October opening day ever, behind only the 2019 prestige comic […]

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Miramax Wins TV Rights to ‘Halloween’ Franchise

Miramax has prevailed in the bidding war for television rights to the “Halloween” horror franchise, meaning Michael Myers could soon be slicing and dicing his way across the small screen or assorted streaming platforms. The indie studio beat out other contenders, including A24, which was also in the mix for the rights, according to an […]

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The Correct Order To Watch The Halloween Movie Franchise

John Carpenter’s 1978 horror film “Halloween” was famously inspired by 1960s serial killer films like Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” and Powell/Pressburger’s “Peeping Tom,” only filtered through a low-budget, ’70s grindhouse lens. Initially, “Halloween” was dismissed by audiences, but legend has it that Roger Ebert’s overwhelmingly positive 1979 review saved it from obscurity. This may seem like […]

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What Critics And Fans Are Saying About The Exorcist: Believer

50 years ago, “The Exorcist” changed horror as we know it. Director William Friedkin’s 1973 film was far from the first great entry in the genre, but it brought an almost documentary-like sense of realism to its story of a young girl who catches a really bad case of demonic possession. The outcome was one […]

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Where to Stream the Best Classic Independent Films This October, from ‘Eraserhead’ to ‘Igby Goes Down’

October is the time for horror, which makes it a great time for independent movies.As long as independent movies have existed, horror movies have provided a huge bulk of the films made by artists outside the studio system. It’s one of the cheapest and easiest genres to make, with some of the best potential to […]

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David Gordon Green Should Go Back to Dramas

There aren’t many filmmakers working today whose filmographies are quite as wild as David Gordon Green’s. After a series of critically acclaimed independent films in the early 21st century, Green made a breakthrough as a comedy director with 2008’s Pineapple Express. While the comedy classic has now become a beloved, permanent fixation of stoner culture, […]

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Taylor Swift’s Box Office Appeal Is the Only Thing That Scares Jason Blum

If you want to scare off a demon, you might want to reconsider calling Father Merrin. Sure, he might get rid of the demon Pazuzu eventually, but one mention of Taylor Swift will send everyone running for the hills, as Jason Blum has admitted today. The founder of Blumhouse, the horror studio that has terrified […]

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The Most Satanic Film of All Time Preys on Our Deepest Fears

While it’s hard to pin down a singular “golden period” in the history of Hollywood cinema, the 1970s were certainly responsible for many of the classic horror films often cited as being influential today. The rise of the “New Hollywood” era allowed a younger generation of filmmakers, international auteurs, and maverick independent directors reach a […]

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