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The Western Classics That Inspired Rob Zombie During The Devil’s Rejects

Rob Zombie evokes a … let’s say passionate response from film-goers. His fans love him for all the wild swings he takes and his detractors feel just as passionately about the quality of said swings. However, if there’s one thing most can agree on it’s that his sophomore effort, 2005’s “The Devil’s Rejects,” is the […]

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Rob Zombie’s Halloween Frustrations Led Him To The Lords Of Salem

With the new film adaptation of “The Munsters” right around the corner, there’s been a lot of talk about director Rob Zombie these days. The heavy metal musician-turned-filmmaker now has nine feature films under his belt, as well as his segment for the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez “Grindhouse” double feature, and the concert film “The Zombie […]

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12 Underrated Slasher Movies You Need To Check Out

For every blockbuster slasher flick, there’s an underrated, criminally-overlooked gem just waiting to be discovered. While such films as “Psycho,” “Halloween,” and “Friday the 13th” defined the genre as we’ve come to know and love it, many more have reached the same level of excellence in hack ‘n’ slash storytelling. Our list for Best Slasher Movies […]

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Jason Blum Teases the End of ‘Paranormal Activity’ Franchise, Talks ‘Batgirl’ Axe at Locarno

Blumhouse Productions CEO Jason Blum teased the end of the “Paranormal Activity” franchise in Locarno, where he will receive the Premio Raimondo Rezzonico for Best Independent Producer.“It has been enough already. That last ‘Paranormal Activity’ movie was terrible,” he says. “Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin” premiered in 2021, with another instalment currently eyeing a 2023 […]

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Jordan Peele Shuts Down Fan Who Called Him the Best Horror Director of All Time: I Won’t ‘Tolerate John Carpenter Slander’

“Nope” director Jordan Peele thought it might be taking things a little too far when a fan proposed he could be the best horror director of all time.“I know this is a hot take but at what point do we declare Jordan Peele the best horror director of all time?” wrote comic book creator Adam […]

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Halloween Ends Trailer: Michael Myers And Laurie Strode Face Off One Final Time

One of the hardest lessons I ever learned as a spooky stuff-loving kid is that Halloween has to end sometime. Apparently, close to half a century into churning out movies, the folks behind the unkillable “Halloween” horror franchise have finally learned that lesson, too. This fall’s “Halloween Ends” will serve as a finale for the […]

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‘Halloween Ends’ Trailer Promises Jamie Lee Curtis’ Final Showdown With Michael Myers

Michael Myers is back — again — this Halloween season in the first trailer for “Halloween Ends.” Universal has released the first look at director David Gordon Green’s third (and allegedly final) entry in the horror series.The first trailer dropped as a surprise Tuesday evening, with franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis announcing the release only […]

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‘Halloween Ends’ Trailer: Jamie Lee Curtis Battles Michael Myers One Last Time

Laurie Strode is taking her final bow in the five-decade saga to defeat Michael Myers.Jamie Lee Curtis has played the iconic final girl scream queen since John Carpenter’s “Halloween” in 1978, killing off a multitude of sequels, requels, and reboots. The latest trilogy, helmed by David Gordon Green, seemed to wipe the slate clean for […]

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