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Report Claims Bot Accounts Led to Snyder Cut After ‘Unwatchable’ Original ‘Justice League’

“Zack Snyder’s Justice League” was born out of social media fandom last year, with July 19 marking the film’s official digital release date. But before redeeming Zack Snyder’s contributions to the Dceu and rallying to win the movie a fan-favorite “Oscar,” the #SnyderCut movement may have taken a nefarious path.An investigative piece by Rolling Stone […]

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‘How To Weaponize A Fan Base’: The Insidious Implications Behind The Snyder Cut Social Media Blitz

Rolling Stone just dropped a bombshell report that is sure to send ripple effects through all of movie fandom, especially those deeply entrenched in the various comic book fandoms. For the longest time, the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut army has been labeled toxic and has viciously gone after anybody who even doubted the existence of a Zack Snyder […]

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The Actor Behind One Of The Seven Will Play A ‘Whole New Character’ In The Boys Season 4

If you haven’t seen the season 3 finale of “The Boys,” read no further, because we’re about to delve into some major spoilers for the fate of one character.”The Boys” season 3 finale marked the end of the line for one member of the Seven, the decidedly unheroic superhero group sponsored by Vought International. The […]

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What Zack Snyder’s Justice League Hitting Digital Says About The Future Of Warner Bros. – And Streaming

Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” arrived on HBO Max last year, marking the end of a long, messy journey to see the director’s vision for the film realized. No need to rehash history here, but the theatrical version of the movie did not represent what Snyder had in mind. Joss Whedon’s pricey reshoots altered the DC […]

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Nathan Fillion Supports Embattled Director Joss Whedon: “I Would Work With Him In A Second”

Filmmaker Joss Whedon (“Avengers”) has had a bad couple of years. Starting in the summer of 2020, after “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” was announced, a wave of accusations about the director’s reportedly appalling behavior on the set of 2016’s “Justice League,” started to surface. Led by “Justice League” actor Ray Fisher, the worst of these […]

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‘The Boys’: Jack Quaid Talks Season 3, Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer,’ & ‘Scream’ [Bingeworthy Podcast]

Fans of Prime Video’s hit series “The Boys” know what to expect by now – crazy amounts of R-rated superhero action & gore covering an apt and scarily realistic look at modern America’s current political and social climate. Well, fear not, fans! Season three is here to crank the volume up on all of the […]

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‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Wins Most Cheer-Worthy Moment at the Oscars — to No Cheer in the Room

“Zack Synder’s Justice League” proved that fan-led Twitter campaigns can work to release a director’s cut. What it didn’t prove? That such fandom could make its way into the actual Oscars ceremony.While “Justice League” was awarded the new #OscarsCheersMoment prize, voted for by fans via social media, the announcement landed literally zero applause at the […]

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The Oscars Fan Favorite Poll Sees Amazon’s Musical Take on ‘Cinderella’ in Lead

In an attempt to honor as many movies as possible at this year’s Oscars, the Academy Awards, in conjunction with Twitter, has created an unofficial popular movie category that will be announced during this year’s show. The #OscarsFanFavorite poll has been running through social media and the results have been about as surprising as one […]

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David Brenner, Oscar-Winning Editor Of Independence Day And Avatar 2, Is Dead At 59

Oscar-winning film editor David Brenner has passed away at the age of 59, according to Variety. Brenner is known for his work on films like “Independence Day,” “Justice League,” “Born on the Fourth of July,” and “Man of Steel.” He was currently working on “

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