The Most Controversial Recasting Decisions in TV and Film, from ‘The Witcher’ to ‘Wonder Woman’

DC Studios needs a hero; many heroes in fact.

And James Gunn is in the process of picking them.

Since taking up the mantle of DC Studios co-ceo with Peter Safran in October of last year, “The Suicide Squad” writer/director has been steadily assembling a new cast of actors to replace the Justice League once led by Henry Cavill’s Superman.

David Corenswet earned the honor of suiting up as Clark Kent in “Superman: Legacy” (not yet filming), opposite Rachel Brosnahan who is taking up the part of Lois Lane — last played by Amy Adams on film and Elizabeth Tulloch on TV.The news that Cavill would not return to the DC Extended Universe upset plenty of fans, particularly as it came on the heels of his departure from Netflix’s “The Witcher.” The future of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman remains unclear (more on that below), but last…

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