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If Kirby Dies In Her Scream Return, We Riot

Warning: spoilers ahead for all the “Scream” movies, including “Scream” (2022).When you decide to make legacy sequels in a slasher film franchise, you run into a little bit of a problem: The vast majority of fan favorite characters ended up getting killed. That’s just how the genre works. You build up a collection of fun […]

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Upcoming Survival Horror Game The Quarry Boasts A Cast List Any Hollywood Director Would Envy

Gamers, you’ve got a new quarry. Should you choose to pursue it, you may find yourself stranded in a summer camp from hell, where you’ll hear some familiar voices and see some familiar likenesses as you struggle to survive a human hunting scenario. “The Quarry” from Supermassive Games has enlisted quite a few recognizable actors for what IGN describes […]

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‘Scream’ Skips PVOD to Soar at $4.99 but ‘West Side Story’ Barely Registers with At-Home Rentals

Three recent theatrical films infused the VOD market this week, but each took different routes for very different results. Paramount’s “Scream” performed best with a surprising strategy: Debuting at $4.99 after about 45 days in theaters, the franchise reboot skipped a higher-price initial offering. It also comes before the likely imminent streaming release via Paramount+. […]

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ending Explained: Lots Of Gore And A Needless Sequel Setup

Major “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” spoilers follow.Between “Halloween Kills,” the fifth “Scream” installment, and the recent Netflix sequel “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” legacy horror films are having a big moment. The latter debuted today as a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic, completely ignoring the film’s many sequels, reboots, and remakes, but fans are already chainsaw buzz-buzz-buzzing […]

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One Of The Scariest Scenes In Hunters Proves That Horror Is Subjective

(Welcome to Scariest Scene Ever, a column dedicated to the most pulse-pounding moments in horror with your tour guides, horror experts Matt Donato and Ariel Fisher. In this edition, Ariel explains why this particular scene in “Hunters” is actually terrifying, and Matt provides an outsider’s perspective.)The notion of horror and what scares us is wholly […]

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