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Kristen Stewart’s Princess Diana Movie ‘Spencer’ Sets Release Date

Pablo Larrain’s biographical drama “Spencer,” starring Kristen Stewart, is coming to theaters in November. The movie, from Neon and Topic Studios, will premiere in competition at the Toronto and Venice film festivals.Originally expected to debut in 2022 to mark the 25th anniversary of Diana’s death, “Spencer” will hit in theaters on Nov. 5, primed for […]

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Chloé Zhao’s The Eternals will be a quantum shift for Marvel

The Oscar-winning director’s delicate cinéma vérité style is a million miles from the cosmic chicanery of the MCUMarvel’s decision to hand Chloé Zhao the reins to The Eternals, the studio’s sprawling, millennia-spanning tale of godlike superheroes, looks like a stroke of genius after the Chinese film-maker won the best director and best picture Oscars for […]

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Warner Bros.’ ‘Tenet’ Rakes in $20.2 Million in Long-Awaited US Debut; Closes in on $150 Million Globally

Labor Day weekend gave us our first glimpse at what a blockbuster looks like in the age of Covid-19. Christopher Nolan’s long-delayed brainteaser, Tenet, was the first major test of US movie exhibition in the coronavirus pandemic. Now, with receipts tallied, it appears the Warner Bros. film passed that test. The twisty, PG-13 thriller starring […]

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Superhero Bits: Rorschach Getting a ‘Watchmen’ Spin-Off Comic, ‘The Avengers’ Video Game Beta Release & More

Did you hear Watchmen is getting a spin-off comic focusing on Rorschach? When can players who pre-ordered The Avengers video game start playing the beta? Why didn’t Cottonmouth appear beyond the first season of Luke Cage? Would you believe there was a Batman Begins TV spot featuring Nickelback music? Will The Eternals introduce Atlantis to […]

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Superhero Bits: DC Comics Cuts Ties with Diamond Comics, ‘Suicide Squad’ Timeline Mix-Up & More

Why is DC Comics severing ties with Diamond Comics distributors? Can Magneto lift Mjolnir? How might the third season of Harley Quinn open? What new details about The Eternals surfaced thanks to some merchandise listings? How did an added detail in Harley Quinn‘s profile in Suicide Squad mess up David Ayer‘s timeline? When will Loki […]

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Superhero Bits: Alternate ‘Iron Man 2’ Suitcase Armor, ‘Harley Quinn’ Takes a Jab at Snyder Cut Bros & More

How did the animated Harley Quinn series mock the nastier side of The Snyder Cut bros? Could Batman beat Iron Man in a fight? How did Captain America: The Winter Soldier almost open? When will The Eternals Lego sets start to arrive? Which character from The Flash is returning before the end of the season? […]

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Superhero Bits: ‘Arrow’ Finale Almost Changed the History of Batman, Rob Liefeld’s Captain America Returns & More

When will The Falcon and the Winter Soldier resume filming? How did the original series finale of Arrow almost change DC history? What does Birds of Prey comic writer Gail Simone think of Jared Leto‘s Joker? How is The Eternals still being worked on during the coronavirus pandemic? Want to see an awesome Birds of […]

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‘New Mutants’ Director, Maisie Williams Tout Gay Love Story Between Main Characters

Much buzz has been made over “The Eternals” featuring the first openly gay superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but “The New Mutants” director and co-writer Josh Boone says his upcoming tentpole will be the first to feature groundbreaking queer representation in a comic book movie. Boone tells Entertainment Weekly that “The New Mutants” includes […]

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