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‘The Forever Purge’ Will “Set The Record Straight” About The Themes Of The Franchise As It Comes To An End

Unlike other hits to come from Blumhouse over the past decade, “The Purge” started as a simple, but clever horror franchise and morphed into a political satire that mixes over-the-top violence and imagery with a very serious message. And according to the director of the franchise’s finale, “The Forever Purge,” which arrives later this year, […]

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Blumhouse Taps Issa López to Write, Direct ‘Our Lady of Tears’

Blumhouse is developing “Our Lady of Tears,” a film based on a recent article about a mass hysteria epidemic that spread through an all-girls boarding school.Issa López (“Tigers Are Not Afraid”) is set to write and direct the film. The project is an adaptation of a story published by Epic Magazine and Vox and written […]

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Aliens Invade St. Patrick’s Day in the Trailer for ‘Into the Dark: Crawlers’

A group of college kids on a St. Paddy’s Day bar crawl get caught in the middle of a Body Snatchers-style alien invasion in the new trailer for Into the Dark: Crawlers, the latest installment in the Hulu anthology series. Described as a monthly horror event series, each “episode” of Into the Dark is actually […]

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‘The Hunt’: First Teaser Trailer For Blumhouse’s New Thriller By Damon Lindelof & Director Craig Zobel

There’s a fascinating mix of creatives involved with the new mysterious social thriller, “The Hunt.” The project comes from Jason Blum, the producer of “Get Out” and “The Purge” series, and Damon Lindelof, co-creator of the TV series “The Leftovers” and “Lost,” and director Craig Zobel known for “Compliance” and the 2015 Sundance hit “Z […]

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