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Avatar Rerelease Grosses 30.5 Million Worldwide, Reminding Us Why You Don’t Bet Against James Cameron

Dammit, Jim, you did it again! After regaining the top spot as the highest grossing movie of all time from “Avengers: Endgame” thanks to a rerelease in China last year, James Cameron’s “Avatar” is topping the box office yet again. Considering his incredibly impressive track record consists of banger film after banger film, it shouldn’t be […]

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Oscars 2023: Best Cinematography Predictions

“As previously noted, the Oscar crafts contenders embrace a wide range of genres, periods, subjects, themes, and settings this season, with a particular emphasis on the movies, music, and political/social activism. This definitely affects the cinematography race, which shines a light on the remarkable looks that help drive visual storytelling.This season, three-time winner Emmanuel “Chivo” […]

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There Was More To Kathy Bates’ Misery Character Than The Audience Saw On Screen

“Misery” was Kathy Bates’ first big film. Rob Reiner’s adaptation of the hit Stephen King novel came in 1990, early on in Bates’ five-decade career. “Misery” would precede “Fried Green Tomatoes,” King adaptation “Dolores Claiborne,” “Titanic,” and other films she’d become known for; arguably, her recent five-year run (in various roles) on Ryan Murphy and […]

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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Passes ‘Titanic’ as Seventh-Highest Grossing Release in Domestic Box Office History

Hook, line and sinker. “Top Gun: Maverick” has toppled “Titanic” as the seventh-biggest film ever at the domestic box office, earning 662 million in ticket sales.For Paramount, “Top Gun: Maverick” has also overtaken “Titanic” as the studio’s biggest film in its 110-year history. However, James Cameron’s disaster epic is still outpacing Tom Cruise’s fighter-jet adventure […]

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David Warner: a look back at the actor’s most memorable performances – video obituary

The veteran British actor has died aged 80. The BBC reported that Warner died from ‘a cancer-related illness’ and that his family confirmed the news ‘with an overwhelmingly heavy heart’. Here is a look back at some of his most memorable performances,  including roles in Titanic, Time Bandits and The OmenVeteran British actor David Warner, star […]

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Veteran British actor David Warner, star of The Omen and Tron, dies aged 80

The stage and screen veteran’s multi-faceted career included roles in Titanic, Time Bandits and Straw Dogs, as well as a renowned Hamlet for the RSCThe veteran British actor David Warner has died aged 80. The BBC reported that Warner died from “a cancer-related illness” and that his family confirmed the news “with an overwhelmingly heavy […]

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