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John Travolta Is Swoon-Worthy in This Western-Themed Romance

Although now he primarily stars in low-budget crime films, action thrillers, and future cult classics (such as the bizarre stalked film The Fanatic and the misguided mafia biopic Gotti), it’s easy to forget that John Travolta was once the most popular young romantic heartthrob of his generation. Travolta had immediately established himself as an actor […]

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This Is the Best Dance Scene in a ‘90s Movie, and It’s Not ‘Pulp Fiction’

The overdose of a crime boss’ wife is how it ends, but a five-dollar milkshake and a dance contest is how the night begins. Away from the car-themed booths, “You Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry plays as Uma Thurman and John Travolta do the twist, the Batusi, and the swim. The Pulp Fiction dance […]

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This Is the Most Important Film in John Travolta’s Career

In the late 1970s, few actors were bigger and more loved than John Travolta. From Welcome Back, Kotter, to Saturday Night Fever, to Grease, Travolta wowed audiences with not only how cool and charismatic he was, but with his ability to leave audiences in awe due to his singing and dancing prowess. It also left […]

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Mission: Impossible — Fallout’s Bathroom Scene Took An ‘Uncomfortably Long’ Time To Film

Henry Cavill spent an “uncomfortably long” time in the bathroom while filming “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.” If you’ve seen the movie, then you’ll know Cavill’s character, August Walker, wasn’t on the toilet, waiting to die like John Travolta’s hitman in “Pulp Fiction.” (It’s a thing.)Part of the time, Walker is in a stall with two […]

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