Taika Waititi Planned to Use Kate Bush Music in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Before ‘Stranger Things’ ‘Ruined’ It

Between “Stranger Things 4” shattering viewership records on Netflix and the highly anticipated “Thor: Love and Thunder” finally hitting theaters, 1980s nostalgia is all the rage right now.

The decade’s influence is felt everywhere from fashion to movie poster designs, but nowhere is it more apparent than in music.Much has been made of the fact that the latest season of “Stranger Things” helped bring Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” back to the top of the charts as new fans discovered the song.

But if the Duffer brothers hadn’t made the fateful decision to use her music, Taika Waititi would have found a way to incorporate it into his Marvel sequel.In a new interview with NME, Waititi was asked about the Netflix series’ use of Bush’s music, and he quickly interjected with his own blunt opinion on the saga.“You mean how they ruined Kate Bush?

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