Taika Waititi Wasn’t Given A Choice When It Came To His Jojo Rabbit Role

After the massive success that was “Thor: Ragnarok,” it may have been surprising to some when director Taika Waititi decided to work on a smaller-scale dark comedy about a wannabe Nazi kid in World War II era Germany.

Jojo Rabbit” follows a young boy named Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis) who idolizes Hitler and fully buys in to the anti-semitic tropes they’re teaching him at his Hitler Youth camp. While the intention of “Jojo Rabbit” was to portray how radicalization can warp a person’s mind and allow them to see a fascist, hateful society as normal and even admirable, the movie’s satirical depiction…The post Taika Waititi Wasn’t Given a Choice When It Came to His Jojo Rabbit Role appeared first on /Film.

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