That Song in ‘The Last of Us’ Just Made Part II That Much More Devastating

Editor’s Note: The following contains Major spoilers from Episode 7 of The Last of Us, The Last of Us Part I, and The Last of Us Part II games.The Last of Us knows how to make a needle drop pack a punch.

Nearly every episode has included not just the game’s original score but music from Depeche Mode to Hank Williams that help make this extraordinary apocalypse feel connected to our world.

The music of this series creates powerful through-lines that illustrate character growth and relationships and the show uses these real world pieces of music in the same way.

Episode 7 takes this idea and pushes it even further by connecting itself to the events of The Last Of Us Part II.

The episode gives us an extended flashback to the night Ellie (Bella Ramsey) got infected.

Her best friend and first love, Riley (Storm Reid), takes Ellie to

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